Garry Jacobs

Advisor at BAI Integra, CEO at World Academy of Art and Science, CEO at World University Consortium.

Garry Jacobs


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Garry Jacobs is an American management consultant and social scientist focusing on new paradigm concepts and solutions in the fields of economy, education, development, governance, and international security. Jacobs is Chief Executive Officer of the World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS), Co-Chair of the Academy‚Äôs international working group on human centered economics, and managing editor of Cadmus Journal. He is also Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the World University Consortium (WUC) and co-chairs the project on new paradigm in higher education. His business consulting experience includes assignments with a wide range of small, medium and multinational corporations around the world on strategies to accelerate growth in revenues and profitability. Jacobs has worked in India since the early 1970s, where he is Vice President and Director of Social Science Research at The Mother’s Service Society. He is also professor of Transdisciplinary Social Science at Person-Centered Approach Institute, Italy and a Full Member of Club of Rome International. He previously served as Member-Secretary of the International Commission on Peace and Food ( (1989-1994) and co-authored a strategy to create 100 million jobs in India within 10 years. He is author of two books on business management and one as editor on global peace and development, plus a thriller novel on distributed artificial intelligence systems and more than 100 published articles on business, economics, and other fields of social science.

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