BAI Integra

BAI Integra consults innovative start ups, progressive companies and social entrepreneurs in the development and adoption of the leading technologies of today for tomorrow – Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. We connect you with international experts and investors in order to prepare you for the future and position you as the leader in the future of business and social innovation.

We have decades of experience in business development, organizational leadership, systems sciences and futures studies along with diplomacy and global network of highest ranking partners and collaborators.

We are here to support and accelerate the global socio-economic transition via the technologies of blockchain and AI by transforming each business, institution and community engaged.

Our approach is integral and our mission is integration of technologies, people, businesses and regions for the better shared future.

We focus primarily on:

  1. International cooperation and exchange in the education for development and adoption of Blockchain and AI;
  2. Development of international cooperation and exchange for employment opportunities in the Blockchain and AI domain;
  3. Consulting innovative ICOs and connecting them with international experts and investors for successful funding and launching.

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