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An Krumberger

Director of Development for Slovenia at BAI Integra, Operator at Youniversity, Founder of Krumberger Ltd., Co-Founder of RedRock and collaborator at World University Consortium.

An Krumberger


More About An Krumberger

An Krumberger is running Youniversity – The Airbnb of Education. The project aims to connect students, professors and businesses around the world using blockchain technology.

An co-founded RedRock, an online school of commercial photography where students earn while learning.

As the collaborator of the World University Consortium, he co-organized and co-founded several events and projects linked to the future of education.

He is co-founder of Krumberger Ltd., a company offering design, video production, event management and e-learning solutions.

Before, he served as President of European Movement Slovenia, a pro and pan-European lobby organization which promotes European integration. He helped shape several high-profile international events, most notable of them being the Ljubljana Congress in 2009, one of the most important forums in the region.

An is an Associate Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science.

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